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Road map for effective e-Commerce

Since its formation in 1996, ICX members have collectively generated a mountain of material on all aspects of legislation, security, technology, regulation and business practice and have built this up as a veritable mine of information in the form of electronic web based archives, publications, reports and training material. The formation of additional material by members continues.

Publications by ICX
Demonstrating Privacy Compliance (about to be published)
Privacy Code Archive (members only)
Member News Archive (members only)
The ICX Privacy Code of Conduct
Barriers to e-Commerce
The commercial use of Cryptography (members only)
Conference papers
Events papers
Research Projects

Events and Conferences

Web Resources -- e-Forum
e-Forum grew out of the ICX Secure Electronic Commerce Model (SECCOM) initiative, a business model for understanding, planning and implementing e-Commerce. This model was developed and prepared as one of the key deliverables for the European Union's Fourth Framework and provides a structure for building an Internet-based knowledge resource. e-Forum is an practical on-line guide where resources and information can be taken from the web directly. (This facility is for members only)

Project Highlights
ICX is looking for partners to increase its work groups, developing projects which will deliver worthwhile answers to the many problems and barriers which face businesses wanting to move into and profit from e-commerce. Some projects include the following:

ICX forms its first National Chapter in the Thames Valley
Privacy Code of Conduct Workgroup
Barriers to e-Commerce
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