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The Centre of Excellence for e-Business in Europe
At ICX we're helping e-Business take-off in Europe. We provide solutions to the everyday problems small and medium businesses face in exploiting e-commerce.

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Paris conference offer
ICX is able to extend to its members a very substantial discount for participating in the OPEN Group's Paris conference -- Managing the Mobile Workforce. Read on >>
  Privacy compliance guide
"Demonstrating Privacy Compliance" by ICX. Soon to be released. A practical guidebook defining a flexible common audit process that can be used by all businesses. Read on >>
11 09 01-- Is your business protected against attack?
Before September 11, you probably thought that international terrorism, industrial espionage and breaches of security were a low priority for your business. But how are European businesses coming to terms with this real threat to business continuity. ICX has formed a working group to see how businesses and government can effectively secure their increasingly open and vulnerable systems. Contact ICX


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