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Designation take up Secretariat mantel

Two years after developing ICX's original e-Forum and website, creating it's striking visual identity, Designation now takes over the role of stewardship for ICX.

From Autumn 2001, Directors Arthur op den Brouw and Nigel Penn-Simkins, together with their team, will be handling enquiries and co-ordinating the implementation of ICX's business objectives.

This boosts ICX's ability to support it's members with an excellent team who have worked on numerous internet projects over a period of nearly 5 years. Duties Designation will be responsible for include:

  • Branding
  • Communication
  • Membership
  • Administration
  • Co-ordination

Designation, with a great deal of exposure and experience of ICX, is committed to improving standards and helping businesses take full advantage of all that e-Commerce offers.

Arthur states that "I've been involved in ICX for 3 years, and am delighted to take over this role. ICX has only just started really. The current climate means that ICX can play an important role in so many different areas. ICX is unique and has the advantage of being thoroughly neutral, representing all interests in the business community."

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