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The ICX Privacy Code of Conduct

Published by ICX
Authors: See below:
First Published: 1999
Current Version: 1.2, July 2000
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Abstract: The Code is intended to give clear guidance to managers of organisations as to what steps they should take to comply with Data Protection Legislation to avoid criminal penalties, unfavourable publicity and convey trust and confidence to customers and other interested parties

Who is it aimed at?
This Code is primarily aimed at organisations carrying on commercial businesses ranging from medium sized companies to multinational corporations but may be used by any organisation (all will be referred to throughout the Code simply as "organisations"). Organisations such as sole traders will only be concerned with the fundamental aspects of the Code in respect to their processing operations..

What is it about?
The objective of this Code of Conduct is to set out the operational policies an organisation should adopt and the practical operational steps it should take to comply with the EU Directive (95/46/EC) on Privacy and Data Protection (the "Directive") [and national laws implementing the Directive]. The Directive reflects the fundamental rights and freedoms of an individual to the right of privacy under Article 8 of the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights.

About the Authors

Drafting Team
PAS Information Management Services Limited (Paul Skerman, Managing Editor)
Shell Services International (Helen Long, Chris White)
Telecom Italia (Dr Marco Coppola)
The UK Post Office, Post Office Legal Services (Clare Wardle, Valerie
Taylor, Stuart Harvey)
Cabinet C.M. Mertens (Corinne Mertens)
The Initiative for Software Compliance Ltd (Christopher Hook, Michael
E-Commerce Law and Policy (Lindsey Greig)
Steppingstones (Europe) Ltd (Chris Cox)
Marazzi, Roncoli & Partners (Fabio Marazzi, Barbara Ciscato)
Ramsbottom & Co. (Donald Ramsbottom)
LegIT associate offices in the EU and EEA States

The UK Data Protection Registrar's Office (Francis Aldhouse)

Office of the Italian Data Commissioners (Luigi Montouri)
Office of The Netherlands Data Commissioners (Peter Hustinx and John
BT eBusiness, United Kingdom (Michael Arnavutian)
TELSY Elettronica e Telecomunicazioni S.p.A (Dr Paolo Rossini)
Martech International SA (Ian Culpin)
The Commission of the European Communities
The Ecademy (George Jerjian)
Designation (Arthur op den Brouw)

Project Manager
Shell Services International (Nick P. Mansfield)