Step 2. Choose your VAT status

Individual Professional Membership only

Please choose the option which best describes your status.

UK resident
Membership fee is £323.13 Sterling* inc.VAT.
European Union resident without VAT registration.
You will be required to pay VAT at the UK rate of 17.5%.
Membership fee is £323.13 Sterling* inc.VAT.
European Union resident who can provide your VAT registration number. (have it ready please)
Membership fee is £275.00 Sterling*
Individual outside the European Union.
Membership fee is £275.00 Sterling*

ICX Membership VAT no. is 642526349.
*Currently we are taking transactions in UK Sterling only. Our fee of £275 approximately equates to 450 Euros but may fluctuate from time to time.

Upon receipt of your application an invoice will be issued and a membership pack will be sent to you within 28 days.
If within 28 days of being a member you believe that ICX has not met your expectations as defined in this website we will provide a full refund within 30 days of bringing this to our notice.

  After choosing your option please click the Select button, which will take you to a secure server to carry out a credit card transaction.
Please note that because of the use of frames in this site a Secure Socket Layer icon will not appear in your browser. Our transactions are carried out via Netbanx. To find out more about the security of this service please visit the Netbanx site.
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